The Fireplace is the name of the newly opened prayer room at BICF Offices in 21st Century Hotel.

The room has been renovated to create a comfortable environment for people to enjoy spending time with God in prayer. It is open to the big BICF family - not only those located at 21st Century campus (but foreign ID holder only), and it will be available 24/7, but time slots have to be pre-booked through

Please take a look at the rules for the room: 1) FIREPLACE is meant for prayer and encounters with God, NOT FOR MEETINGS.
2) Please TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF when entering the room.
3) Please RESPECT the times booked by others and leave when your time slot is up.
4) Use white board markers ONLY, when writing on the painted Beijing and China maps.
DON’T WRITE on any of the other walls, including the black board.
5) TURN OFF the power switch for the electric fireplace when you leave the room. (Switch is next to the wooden door.)
6) NO FOOD, please. Cups or bottles with a lid is ok.
7) Bring any garbage with you AS YOU LEAVE.

Fireplace Address:
21st Century Hotel FA201, 40 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016
21世纪饭店FA201, 40号亮马桥路。朝阳区。北京 - 100016
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For more information please email