Jesus says I AM…

Jesus says I AM…

Oct 21-Nov 25, 2012 (6 Weeks)

What is the " I AM…" small group campaign?

Many people have an opinion about Jesus.  Who should you listen to? Who best helps us know and understand Jesus?  Who is Jesus? Through the “I AM” sayings in the Gospel of John, Jesus told his first disciples who he is.  In this 6 weeks series, you too can hear Jesus speak for himself, “I AM…”


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  1. 第1课: 我就是生命的粮
  2. 第2课: 我就是世界的光
  3. 第3课: 我就是门,我就是好牧人
  4. 第4课: 我就是复活和生命
  5. 第5课: 我就是道路、真理和生命
  6. 第6课: 我就是真葡萄园