Lord among the lampstand

Lord among the lampstand

Oct 20-Dec 1, 2013 (7 weeks)

What is the small group campaign study about?

In Revelation chapters 2 and 3 Jesus teaches seven churches how to live in this world. It is not an easy balance to strike – if we imitate the world we will be ineffective in it, and if we are too isolated from it we will be insensitive to it. The kingdom of our Crucified Lord was born in death, victorious by defeat, and powerful when powerless. Listen to the Head of the Church as He tells us how to be His Church...

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VIDEO (Click Topic to download)
  1. Session 1: Cold, Hard Truth
  2. Session 2: Born Twice, Die Once...
  3. Session 3: Boundaries: Firm and Fuzzy
  4. Session 4: The Scattered Field
  5. Session 5: DEAD!!
  6. Session 6: Go For It!!
  7. Session 7: Neither Hot, Nor Cold

小组视频 (点击标题下载)
  1. 第1课: 严酷的真理
  2. 第2课: 生两次,死一次
  3. 第3课: 界限:坚定和模糊
  4. 第4课: 混杂的田地
  5. 第5课: 死!
  6. 第6课: 去得着它!
  7. 第7课: 不冷不热