God’s Big Story

God’s Big Story

Oct 19 - Nov 23, 2014 (6 Weeks)

What is The Small Group Campaign Study About?

Everyone loves a good story!
There is no greater story than the story of the Bible.  God’s great plan to bring his lost children home sweeps across its pages revealing God’s great love and power. In the stories of Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Sarah and Joseph we discover ourselves, God, the wonders of his love and ourselves.

This study is a 6 week overview of Genesis and Exodus. The BICF English congregations will continue reviewing the entire bible through June 2015. (30 Sundays).


VIDEO (Click Topic to download)
  1. Session 1: God’s Big Story-an Introduction
  2. Session 2: The Story Begins
  3. Session 3: God Builds A Nation
  4. Session 4: Trusting Like Joseph
  5. Session 5: Deliverance
  6. Session 6: What are the 10 commandments for…really

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  1. 第1课: 圣经综览
  2. 第2课: 生命的起源
  3. 第3课: 国家的建立
  4. 第4课: 约瑟的故事
  5. 第5课: 上帝的拯救
  6. 第6课: 重立新约